Young lady dumps Christianity for Islam, changes name from Deborah to Hikmah (photo)

A young beautiful lady has changed her religion from being a Christian to Muslim.

According to a Facebook post by Lanre Sebutu, Deborah who changed her name to Hikmah, decided to follow Islam for so many reasons. Read some of the reasons below:


“1. Jesus christ when he was alive he never practice christianity, he only bring islam

“2. Jesus was never mention anything like christian when he was alive. But in Al-qur’an GOD called us muslim like Qur’an 3:102

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Young lady dumps Christianity for Islam, changes name from Deborah to Hikmah

Young lady dumps Christianity for Islam, changes name from Deborah to Hikmah

“3. Jesus Christ was never go to church when he was alive and there is no single verse in the bible that say go to church. But in Al-qur’an Allah says we should go to “jummuah”

“4. There is no single verse in the bible where the word “BIBLE” is mention. But in Al-qur’an there was so many places where GOD mention Al-qur’an, like qur’an 4:82

“5. There was no single verse where GOD or jesus says u should go to “jerusalem” But in the Al-qur’an GOD say in suratul hajj that we should go to hajj if we have the power to go

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“So, my brother & sister if islam is not the real way to salvation it will not be possible for millions of millions of millions of muslim today, from diffrent part of the word, from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, we will all garder to mecca.

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“At the back on one Imam, if imam say “Allahu Akbar” everybody will say “Allah Akbar” if imam bowed down everybody will bowed down for GOD. Because of what is in the book of {Zephaniah 3:9}, so what are we calling islam, we have 5 pillars of islam:

“1. We should believe in oneness of GOD not threenity, is in the book of {Deutoronomy 6:4} also in the book of {Mark 12:28-29}

“2. We should perfom solat {worship GOD} is in the book of {Nehemiah 8:4-6} & {matthew 26:39}

“3. We should be paying “ZAKAT” is in the book of {Mark 12:41-42}

“4. We should be fasting for GOD. Is in the book of {jeremiah 36:9}

“5. We should be going to Hajj, is in the book of {Isaiah 2:2}

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