The 20 hottest startup hubs in the world

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While Silicon Valley may stand undefeated as the most prominent name for tech entrepreneurs and startup visionaries, other regions all over the world are worthy competitors.

Compass, a San Francisco-based benchmarking software company, has published a 2015 Startup Ecosystem Ranking Report that identifies the top 20 startup “ecosystems” in the world. The report — which last came out in 2012 — ranked cities in five categories: performance, funding, talent, market reach, and startup experience.

To compile the list, Compass consulted with entrepreneurs from 25 countries to conduct more than 200 interviews and 11,000 startup surveys. Startup ecosystems excluded from this report were China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, which Compass said it plans to include in its index later this year.

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20. Montreal, Canada

Montreal makes its debut on the rankings this year. Its cultural diversity, top engineering schools, and angel investor groups make it ripe for novel ideas and successful startups.

Montreal also has four reputable engineering schools that teach 5,000 computer science graduates every year, according to Compass. 

Performance: 19
Funding: 17
Market Reach: 16
Talent: 13
Startup Experience: 17

19. Amsterdam, Netherlands

While not as large of a startup hub as London or Berlin, Amsterdam’s startup infrastructure has attracted successful companies like Startupbootcamp — a global network of startup accelerators.

Moreover, the tech giant Uber has a major office there.

Performance: 15
Funding: 20
Market Reach: 10
Talent: 18
Startup Experience: 16

18. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver today is powered by software development, biotechnology, and entertainment. By contract, its local economy used to be sustained by mining, forestry, and shipping industries.

The up-and-coming startup Slack opened an office there because of Canada’s immigration policies and a time zone in Canada that matched up to San Francsico, according to the report.

Performance: 18
Funding: 19
Market Reach: 15
Talent: 14
Startup Experience: 11

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