Sponsored: Essential professional qualities for a personal driver

The professional skill to drive a car will be always in demand. Having a driver’s license and driving experience makes it easy to find a job. Even if you cannot get a regular job, it is always possible to become a private driver.

So what sort of skills should a professional personal driver possess?

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Excellent driving skills

Since one of the duties of a driver is to transport his client to various locations throughout the day, a personal driver must have excellent driving skills: in all driving situations, weather conditions and at any time.

The driver must perfectly know the city and traffic rules. He should never allow any rule violations while driving. A personal driver is responsible for the safe and comfortable ride of their employer!

The ability to decide on the optimal route

A personal driver should be able to determine the route wisely and calculate the time on the road, because this kind of profession implies the ability to save time, the most precious resource for people of high rank.


Doing business and the implementation of serious functions oblige people to be punctual – and in this regard, the personal driver is obliged to ensure the arrival of the boss at the right place and in time. To do this, the driver has to be punctual as well!

The ability to fix cars

Any mechanism can collapse. Therefore, the driver must be able to carry out car repairs in any conditions. We are not talking about repairing the engine, but being able to change a wheel or a candle is a must.

The ability to organize the whole process

It is worth noting that the personal driver is responsible for the timely maintenance of the car. Also, his duties include cleaning the vehicle entrusted to him.

Being a pro in dialogues with traffic police officers

Personal driver must be able to conduct a constructive dialogue with the traffic police and insurance companies. Often, even observing traffic rules, there may be questions on the part of road inspection service.

Additional qualities:

These extra qualities will also come in handy:

  • the absence of bad habits;
  • restraint and ability to maintain the confidentiality of information;
  • imposing appearance;
  • interpersonal skills, ability to handle stress.

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