Shocker: Baby Without Limbs Born In Bauchi State (PHOTO)

Reports have emerged of a woman who gave birth to a baby boy without limbs in Bauchi state. 


Baby born without limbs. Photo: The Sun

According to Daily Independent, the baby, named Chongfilawos, was born on July 4, 2015 in Gudun Sayawa, a suburb of Bauchi metropolis.

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Blessing Samson, an indigene of Bogoro local government area (LGA) of the state, gave birth to the baby with only three fingers jutting out from a shriveled arm at home, because she went into labour in the night.

In an interview with pressmen, Diana Samson, Blessing’s mother said:

“My daughter could not be taken to the clinic to deliver her baby because she experienced labour late in the night. My son Chongfilawos is a blessing from God.

“I called him a blessing child because his birth was easy. When I saw him like this, at first I was not happy but later I prayed and told myself it is the will of God. I love him and I will protect him with everything I have.

“My daughter Blessing was going for ante natal from the house, her labour started late in the night and we had to call a birth attendant to deliver her. At first we were shocked when we saw the child without hands. But as Christians we believe God has purpose for everything so we started thanking God,” Diana said.

She added: “The father of the baby, Jehu Luka, a farmer, lives in our village, Lussa in Bogoro. Luka was away when the baby was born but he came  to check  his  child and left.”

Blessing’s elder brother, Bukata Bukar, also thanked God for the gift of a new-born baby to the family saying: “This baby is a gift from God and we are not sad in the family.”

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However, he appealed to well-meaning individuals in the community not to discriminate against the child:

“This is the first time we are seeing this kind of baby in our community. We need the support and love of everyone to help this baby live a normal life.

“We also appeal to NGOs or the government to help with the education of this child because the father is just a poor farmer and from what we have seen this child needs special support.”

Jude Frank, blessing’s neighbour, said he expected to meet Blessing crying for delivering a baby without limbs, “but instead she was praising God.”

“I thank God that they have accepted the child as a creation of God. People have been coming to support the child with cloths. We can assist with clothes and food but I think the family will need assistance of government to bring this child up,” Jude said.

Other reports from Bauchi say, no fewer than 78 houses, a filling station and a mosque have been destroyed, while hundreds of people have been rendered homeless, following heavy flood in Misau LGA.

The Sun reports that Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar, yesterday promptly visited the scene to sympathise with the victims. Abubakar directed the State Emergency Management Agency to quickly move to the affected area to assess the level of damage and ensure that adequate care was promptly given to the victims.

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