Strengthening African Processors for Food Fortification
(SAPFF) is a program with TechnoServe and Partners in Food Solutions that
looks to increase compliance of food processors to meet national food
fortification standards. The program will (1) strengthen the ability of
food processors to comply with the national fortification standards, and
(2) strengthen the food fortification enabling environment that allows for
the healthy, competitive and effective production of fortified foods. The
role of the SBA will be to work alongside the technical team and support
the business elements necessary for the successful integration of
fortification into their businesses.
Business Development:
    Responsible for business-related activities in
support of assisted food processors within the SAPFF program; reporting to
the lead food technologist;
    Lead and facilitate the business component of the
technology and knowledge transfer to assist food processors to more
effectively and efficiently comply with fortification standards, including
customized business advice with select processors as well as facilitate
broader business related training to the sector through workshops;
    Support business growth planning with assisted food
processors, including marketing strategies, business planning, capital
raising, equipment procurement, profit and loss forecasting, finance,
market and operational planning; and
    Support linkages to the program’s matching
grant fund and assist processors in meeting and managing terms.
Project Coordination and Personnel Management:
    Coordinate with lead food technologist providing
business support to their technical advice and overall implementation of
business objectives to meet program deliverables;
    Coordinate with the Project Accountant and lead
food technologist on selecting and supporting eligibility to SAPFF’s
matching grant fund;
    Interface with other country and regional staff to
share lessons, best practices and refine our engagement model for optimal
efficiency and impact;
    Participate in team meetings with the program and
implementing partners to track progress, share learnings and provide input
on the business component of our support to local food processors;
    Produce statistical and narrative reports for
internal and external consumption, including success stories, challenges,
case studies and impact results against selected indicators; and
    Identify business knowledge gaps in the local food
processing industry and, with our chosen partners, facilitate the design
and delivery of training modules.
    Advanced degree in business-related studies;
    Minimum 3 years’ experience in business
development, finance or economics in the private sector;
    Experience in financial management, business
diagnostics, business ratios, business plan development, conducting profit
and loss analysis, loan requirements and loan management;
    Ability to quickly grasp the financial health and
business needs of a company and translate these into corrective steps;
    Project management skills and ability to work in a
    Strong presentation skills and ability to advise
and coach senior company representatives on business capacity building
needs and advice;
    Excellent interpersonal and oral and written
communication skills
    Ability to develop well-written, cohesive analyses
and reports;
    Track record of building strong client and
stakeholder relationships;
    Fluency in English required;
    Demonstrated experience in the Private Sector;
    Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills.

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