Job Number: 1801236
Job: Sales Operations and Development
Detailed Description
    In Mondelez we create delicious moments of
joy’. We begin with our consumers and we make delicious foods you can
feel good about and we believe we can make a delicious difference
    Our business is striving to become the most loved,
respected and successful snacking company in Southern Africa.
    The Sales Analyst works with the sales men,
ensuring reporting accuracy and timely reconciliation of numbers, they also
to provide their region accurate data and information to aid and improve
business decisions. See below their Roles
The Roles
Verification and Approval of E-distributor data: There
is an approval state in E-distributor, when sales transaction are uploaded
by the data clerks in the distributor locations, the DSA’s are to
ensure the numbers align to the reports sent in via traditional method
before approving
Sales Reports Tracking and Analysis: The DSA are to
track all the sales reports in their regions, ensure they align to the
reports sent via the traditional methods, they are also to analyze these
reports and feed to their DSMs to improve knowledge backed business
decisions. Some of the reports they would be handling are:
    Sales-In Report
    Sales-Out Report
    Sales KPI Reports
    Monthly Stock Monitoring(Distributor and Wholesale)
    Sales Forecast break and Recasting.
Report Reconciliation: The DSA’s are also meant
to reconcile all the numbers they receive and ensure the numbers balance
out across all reports; they would track, calculate and project the numbers
to be reported locally and then align with the reported numbers.
E-distributor and Data Clerk Management: The
DSA’s are to manage the E-distributor Suite. E-distributor Suite is
the front end of SAFIR, it comes in two halves:
    E-distributor application: This is a data
collection application situated at the distributor end and operated by Data
Clerks, if used properly it collects data in its purest form, directly from
the sales men on a daily basis.
    E-admin: This is an administrator application used
to manage E-distributor; it is used by the DSA’s
        The functions the DSA’s are to play here
            Ensuring the Data Clerks understand the use
of E-distributor and how to properly use it
            First level Data Clerk Training
            Personnel and Outlet management on the
E-distributor platform
            Verification and approval of all
transactions captured on E-distributor
Incident Management: The DSA’s are also to log
and report all IS/IT issues unto Remedy to unsure speedy resolution of all
On Demand Analysis: The DSA’s are also meant to
supply the DSM accurate and timely reports of all the happenings in the
region to facilitate informed business decisions.
Key Objectives
    Decentralize report reconciliation
    Increase report accuracy to the highest attainable
    Reduce data collection and analysis time
    Introduce real time reporting
    Improve sales men business decision making availing
accurate and timely data and information

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