Job Profile
To operate the store in accordance with company and
brand policies and procedures, motivating and leading the store staff team
in order to ensure net sales and shop staff cost control, while allowing
functional managers to provide excellent service to consumers, present the
brand and its products to the best levels.
FOCUS: Net sales growth, shop staff cost optimization,
consumer and brand excellence, cash/asset control.
Key Responsibilities
    Manage shop floor staff hierarchically
    Ensure functional leadership of Brand Consumer
Relationships Manager to Brand Hostess
    Hiring firing shop staff, in line with central
function profiles, recruitment managed by local HRM, sign off needed from
Area manager.
    Operate the store and manage goals and priorities
to achieve the Sales targets in units and in values
    Organizing the shop and planning tasks efficiently
to allow sales staff to focus primarily on serving the customers and
    Ensuring the presentation and visual merchandising
is executed in accordance with company and brand policies
    Maintaining and encouraging positive attitudes
towards the Brand and the merchandise
    Lead by example, live the brand
    Ensure rules principles and guidelines on the
cashiers activities
    Organize cost control via optimizing shop staff
presence planning
    Ensure compliance with all operating standards,
policies, and procedures, which include:
    Ensuring the safekeeping and protection of all
company assets (owned or rented)
    Ensuring that all in-store systems are used,
updated and maintained in the correct way at all times by appropriate and
properly trained staff
    Execution of various administrative tasks
(Receiving goods, handling vouchers, following banking procedures, POS
Merchant cards, handling product complaints, proper reporting etc.)
    Replenishing sold items from the stock room and
where required ordering them at the central retail merchant
    Facilitate the Brand Hostess in ensuring that all
customers are welcomed and that they receive the best possible service by:
    Being an example to the sales staff and providing a
proper level of service to customers and potential customers
    Facilitating sales to customers in compliance with
all company policies and conditions
    Encouraging and motivating the staff to offer
visitors assistance in various ways, including: finding appropriate
products in the store; answering any questions they may have (availability,
suitability, price, composition etc.); trying on garments, viewing fabrics
etc.; assessing the cash desk to make sales etc.
    Ensuring customer service levels are maintained at
all times
    Performing regular full or partial physical stock
takes in conformity with corporate policies and procedures
    Identifying any discrepancies between system stocks
and physical counts and physical counts and recounting where appropriate
    Reviewing and obtaining Head Office approval for
any stock adjustments
    Organizing, managing, developing and staffing the
store in line with corporate guidelines and values in order to be equipped
for current and future business challenges and contribute to the
optimisation of results.
    Creating a transparent, proactive and motivating
environment where staff can take responsibility,
    Leading, managing and coaching the sales team to
develop “best practices”
    Motivating and inspiring the shop staff team
    Setting clear goals and targets for employees
    Controlling the daily tasks of the staff and
providing regular feedback and evaluations of their performance
    Maintaining proper staff planning to ensure correct
staffing of the shop at all times
Key Requirements
    Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from a
good University
    At least 3 Years’ experience in Retail fashion
or Branded business
    Strong leadership and analytical skills
    Good knowledge of inventory management and visual
    Must have Advance knowledge of Excel
    Excellent English both written and spoken is a must
    Good French would be a plus
    Preferably Female

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