Patient Kailan Had a 15-Minute Botch Job That Went Terribly Wrong

Slow and steady wins the race.

But Kailan’s plastic surgeon unfortunately never learned that valuable lesson because in this sneak peek from tonight’s all-new episode, the Botched patient is explaining exactly what happened to her after undergoing a 15-minute botched job!

“When I turned 19, I found the closest doctor that was in my price range and I went,” she tells Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. “We didn’t talk about size. We didn’t talk about what I really wanted. He said the surgery would take less than 15 minutes.”

Dr. Dubrow is alarmed. “Fifteen minutes? That’s fast,” he says, adding, “Fifteen is way too short to do something as intense as plastic surgery.”

As to be expected, the rapid procedure left Kailan with an undesirable result. “When the bandages came off, the implants were so high and the breast tissue was so low,” she explains. Furthermore, that so-called doctor never bothered to schedule a follow-up appointment with her.

“He operated on you and had no plans in seeing you again?!” Dr. Dubrow asks, once again shocked.

In order to feel confident with her deformed and sagging breasts, Kailan began duct tapingthem into position at all times—even during sex with her husband! “When you have four breasts and you want two, your best option is to just kind of tape them up,” she admits.

The Botched docs just can’t believe it until witnessing the photographic evidence for themselves. “Oh my goodness!” Dr. Nassif exclaims. “It’s like a bra! Like a duct tape bra!”

Now, after several years, the ritual has become another part of Kailan’s everyday routine. “The duct tapes sits right by my lipstick,” she says.


However, just because it works doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. “The worst part about duct tape is taking it off,” she confesses. “There have definitely been times where I have looked back at that duct tape like, is there a nipple stuck to that thing?!”



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