Duties and Responsibilities
    To act in “loco parents” for the girls
and to provide all boarders with the best experience of a boarding
education by ensuring a challenging and supportive environment: a home from
home for boarders;
    Attend Pastoral Support Meetings;
    Organize regular meeting for House staff;
    Ensure the girls are happy and healthy within the
boarding houses and promote overall well-being;
    Oversee the writing of the house report;
    Oversee the House development plan;
    Promote boarding and extra-curricular within the
school and in the wider community by way of meetings, subjects-related
extra-curricular activities and other special events as when appropriate;
    Take an overview of the management of the Houses,
to ensure reasonably fair provision and practice, while respecting and
safeguarding individual House identities;
    Promote and safeguard the welfare of children and
young person’s for whom you are responsible and with whom you come
into contact;
    To provide for the safety, welfare, good discipline
and pastoral well-being of all pupils in the house;
    To be on emergency back – up cover for the girls in
your care;
    To ensure that individual circumstances, needs,
strengths and weaknesses of each learner are identified and known by staff
as needed, so that individual opportunities, talents and potential are
developed and maximized;
    To ensure the safety and security (including
emotional) of all girls at all times when they are within the school;
    To liaise with the head of pastoral matters and
school nurse to ensure that girls’ medical requirements are properly
catered for; to encourage girls to adopt a healthy life style;
    To develop on the girls, a collective
responsibility to be aware of the difficulties or problems of others, and
to offer such support and help for each other as is appropriate.
    To ensure that a full and varied programme of
extra-curricular activities is available, and girls (particularly younger
ones) are appropriately occupied especially at weekends.
    To be aware of the academic strengths and
weaknesses of girls; to liaise with lead tutors to ensure that relevant
background circumstances of girls are known and discussed; to ensure that
the conditions and supervision in evening prepare conducive to effective academic
    To keep suitable records of girls’ progress,
welfare, health, emotional problems, achievements and misconduct; to
provide such reports and references as may reasonably be required;
    To counsel girls, at a time and place which is conducive
to good communication, concerning any emotional, academic, social or
behavioural problems they may have; to liaise with the form teachers of the
girls’ siblings, if appropriate; inform the Designated Senior person
of any child protection issues to fulfill the requirements of the
school’s policy on child protection;
    To be resident at the start and end of each term to
ensure that the arrival and departure of boarders is suitably staffed and
to meet parents;
    To ensure that the Boarding Houses are in a
presentable state at all times;
    Ensure that boarders are up to date with homework;
    To monitor and record all leave request for
    Ensure good behaviour of the girls;
    Supervise and arrange activities that promote
intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development;
    Ensure girls are attending classes;
    Lend a sympathetic ear to girls with problems or
provide counseling services;
    Accompany girls on weekend outings;
    Develop awareness of general health, hygiene,
eating and sleeping natures and liaise with the School Nurse on a regular
basis, i.e. (I) ensuring that every girl attends all meals and supervised
prep as a matter of course by completing relevant registers and (II)
establish and maintain orderly bedtime routine;
    Monitor behavior and deal appropriately with any
disciplinary issues, monitor tidiness of dormitories on a daily basis e.g.
ensuring beds are properly made and litter etc is in bins
    Ensure the safety and security(physical and
emotional) of all girls in the House at all times when they are in the
school’s care;
    Plays a key role in developing mutual trust and
partnership between home and school;
    Ensure that all areas have been left tidy and in
good order before leaving for holiday. This includes that all lights are
switched off, taps turned off, windows closed and doors locked before any
staff leave;
    Sleep in school each night except for your main off
duty night each week;
    Encourage good manners and good eating habits
amongst the girls
    Supervise and have knowledge of the where about of
all boarders during out of school hours
    Any other duties as reasonable required by The
Board of Directors
The house parent will also be responsible for the
update of the following records:
Learner Records:
    Contact details for parents and guardians
    Details of siblings and important
‘others’ for each girl
    Learner birthdays
    Other Documents
    Disciplinary books for girls in the House
    Details of Fire Practices
    Telephone log, including notes of important phone
    For Notice Boards
    House and School Rules
    Fire Regulations
    Bullying Policy (learner friendly edition)
Staff Duty Rota’s for the House:
    Phone numbers – house parent, medical clinic,
senior staff, other Houses
    Weekly Programme
    Positions of responsibility in the House – prefect
It will be useful to have two notice boards:
    For notices which do not change;
    For daily and weekly information.
Requirements, Experience and Skills
    Experience of working with young people
    Must be able to work unsupervised and to
demonstrate flexibility
    Must be reliable, honest and hard working
Method of Application
Applicants should send their CV’s to:

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