Here’s how couples can cool down during the heat

If you’re struggling to enjoy sex in the extreme heat, then you should check out these simple tips to cool down when things start to heat up.

The heat can make sex seem like a little too much effort, unless you take these steps to keep things cool


When it comes to summer sex, the real trick is choosing a cool location.

Cushioned surfaces, such as beds or sofas, are a bad idea right from the off.

Going at it in bed is guaranteed to leave you with damp, sweaty puddle, and all those sheets are sure to just get in the way.

Instead, take things downstairs – the closer to the ground you are, the cooler the air is likely to be.

Suddenly, the floor may start to look like a very attractive option – and trying something new has the added bonus of being sexy in its own right.

Keeping cool can be tricky in this weather… especially when things start to heat up in the bedroom

Switch up your positions

In this weather, the last thing you want is too much flesh-on-flesh contact.

The more you’re touching each other’s sweaty skin, the hotter things are likely to get.

Your best bet may be a different position – preferably one where you’re not going to end up with too much skin-on-skin action.

Ice up your love life

Not only is this a good way to cool down, adding ice to your sex life can be seriously sensual.

Tracing a cube gently down your partners body can refresh them and turn them on at the same time.

Wetter is better

This tip will keep you cool and sweat-free at the same time.

Why not run a cool shower and take the action there if you’re turned off by the thought of a sweaty session in the bedroom?

These tips should help if you’re hoping to avoid making a hot mess of your sex life

Take things al frisko

Having sex in the great outdoors can be a spicy experience at any time of the year, but in this heat it could be a godsend.

Take things al frisko to get closer to that cooling breeze – but be respectful of the law and only do it away from prying eyes.

Buy yourself a tent and get to it in your garden if you want to keep things fresh and cope with the heat.

Clearly, your bed isn’t always the best place to be in this heat



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