Job Description
    The job holder is required to generate prospects
and participate in the evaluation of the OML130 upsides
    Through geological and geophysical data
interpretations, contribute to the appraisal of risks and technical issues
related to the evaluation of near field objects (upsides) for a quick
tieback to the existing development.
    Guarantee the integration of information deduced
from geophysical information in geoscience studies, in the compliance with
codes of practice. Issue an opinion on the appraisal of uncertainties
related to the use of these techniques.
    Prepare and defend the dossier for Exploration
Approval process.
    Contribute to construction/consolidation of the
Group’s knowledge databases.
Job Requirements
    Ability to work with both 2D and 3D data is
essential with good regional geologic understanding of the area.
    Integration of geology and reservoir information is
key to the success of this position.
    Holder proposes additional geophysical studies that
improves the understanding of prospects/existing fields.
    A good skills in interpretation tools and softwares
– Sismage is desirable.
    Heavily involved in well prognosis and monitoring.

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