Vacancy Ref: 57720
Business Area: Surf and Conventional
Working Hours: 40 hours per week
Contract Type: Staff
Languages in which you may apply: English
Description of Role
    The Contracts Manager works in a Functional, Tender
or Project environment and is accountable to the Functional Manager, or
Tender and Project Managers with regards to tasks and to the Head of Legal
and Contracts or Head of Contracts, as the case may be, for the method and
process adopted to complete the tasks
    The Contracts Manager provides the contractual
expertise in relation to activities, tenders or projects allocated.
Specific Key Responsibilities and Activities
    Contribute to creating a positive HSEQ culture
within NigerStar 7
    Ensure knowledge management systems are fully
utilised, updated, promote continuous improvement and contribute to Lessons
    Operate within standardised Legal and Contracts policies,
processes and systems and ensure compliance with these processes at all
    Promote and maintain free and effective
communication channels with the relevant  Legal Directors and Heads of
Contracts, interfacing on an as and when basis
    Verify that the NigerStar 7 legal entity corporate
governance and financial authority rules are complied with when assisting
with any transaction
Win Phase (where allocated to tendering activities):
    Perform contract reviews for tendering in
accordance with work instructions for contract reviews outlined in Group
Legal Procedures and actively participates in all internal bid team
    Participate with other Stakeholder and Functions to
jointly carry out a holistic review of the complete draft contract and bid
to achieve consistency in the documents and be prepared to challenge and be
    Attend meetings with prospective client and
significant/critical subcontractors and suppliers to arrive at acceptable
Contract conditions
    Assist Legal Counsel and the Commercial Function in
requests for Joint Venture authorisation, Bank Guarantees, Parent Company
Guarantees and Tender Board minutes
    Approach and interface with the Legal
Counsel/Senior Legal Counsel, for support, advice and guidance in
accordance with Group Legal Procedures
Execution Phase:
    Act as a key integral member of the Project
Management Team and participate in commercial strategic discussion and
    Provides the Project Manager with accurate
summaries of contract related matters.
    Tender, evaluation and award of subcontracts.
    Administration of bank bonds, parent company
guarantees and insurance certificates.
    Leads the resolution of contractual financial
disputes and co-ordinate Project VOR’s and Management of change.
    Monitors and controls contract variances identified
within the project.
    Ensures seamless integration between purchasing and
sub-contract activities.
    Provides guidance on contract / commercial
requirements to the project team.
    Keeps the project personnel aware of contractual
obligations and objectives.
    Oversee and drive the internal Contracts and
Administration Kick Off meeting
    Ensure identification at point of award and
throughout the project of all contractual obligations and rights towards
Clients and Subcontractors
    Monitor key Contractor, Subcontractor and Client
deliverables as well as identify risks and opportunities in the event of
deliverable failure
    Organise frequent delivery of Contracts Awareness
training sessions to the Project team
    Perform all contractual administrative tasks of the
project in a timely and efficient manner including the preparation/review
of all correspondence (excluding pure technical communication) to and from
the Client and critical Subcontractors/ suppliers, follow up of clients
reporting requirements, issue of variation orders (including maintenance of
the variation order register), notices, insurances, guarantees, progress
and invoicing process
    Prepare and ensure execution of all project
required Inter company Call Offs
    Participate in project reviews and provide input to
the project review reports
    Active and regular attendance at project meetings involving
the Client, particularly those with a commercial/ contractual agenda
    Drive the change management process, identify, in
association with the project team, prepare and pursue all variation orders,
and examine unusual events to establish cause, effect and liability and
prepare relevant claim and pursue
    Prepare and pursue project Construction All Risk
(CAR) and other insurance claims including notifying the Insurance Manager
of potential and actual claims
    Advise on subcontracting conditions and deviations,
approve deviations in accordance with the appropriate procedure, prepare
flow downs as well as carry out reviews when prepared by others
    Ensure clear stipulation within subcontract
documents with regard to companies working for NigerStar 7 to comply with
NigerStar 7’s positive HSEQ culture
    Support the Supply Chain Management (SCM) effort
throughout the execution phase
    Compile and agree with client and
suppliers/subcontractors the final account of the project
    Oversee the completion of correct Contractual Close
out of the project and the hand over of any continuing obligations to the
specific country Legal and Contracts functionsOthers:
    Act as a Local Team Leader for Contracts management
sub Function under the supervision of relevant Head of Contracts when
    Participate in training and Contract Awareness
sessions for non Legal and Contracts personnel
    Perform such other non-tender/project related
activities as required by functional manager
    Operate within Code of Business Conduct
    Implement standards and procedures for the Legal
and Contracts Function.
Personal Specification
    Degree qualified in areas such as Quantity
Surveying, Business Management, Law and Engineering
    Affiliation/member with nationally recognized
professional body; if applicable
    15 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry
(offshore activities); experience working with EPCI contractors.
Key Relationships/Stakeholders
    Industry peers
    Appropriate professional bodiesInternal
    Legal and Contracts Function
    Project and Operations Function
    Project Control Function
    Tendering sub Function
    Supply Chain Management Function
    Senior Management
    Finance Function
    Tax Function.
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