Chelsea Houska Slams Plastic Surgery Reports: I Really Am This Hot!

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has lost a lot of weight, but she denies that her hot body is due to plastic surgery or anything unnatural.

Nope, she’s just a workout fanatic who eats reasonably well and isn’t afraid to show off the results … as evidenced by her Instagram photos:

Yes, Chelsea’s bikini body is something else, but this is the Internet age, and these are Teen Mom 2 fans we’re talking about up in here.

The 23-year-old single mom set the record straight after the rumors began flying over this photo she posted with her daughter and Cole De Boer.

The esthetician admits she was lucky she never had too much in the way of “loose skin and stretch marks” after giving birth to Aubree, now 5.

“I was lucky and never had loose skin after having Aubree,” she posted on Twitter. “I DO have [stretch marks] from being pregnant.”

“They are on my sides and you can’t see them in this picture.”

She then denied repeated claims that she has had a tummy tuck, saying her strategy for looking this good really isn’t that special:

“Workout hard and eat healthy! There’s no big secret!”

Fans who watch Teen Mom 2 online or follow her on Instagram know that she works out almost as much as she worries about Adam Lind.

In other words, her being rather cut is not a big shock.

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