7 simple ways to overcome Failure

How to overcome failure; 7 simple steps

Failure is inevitable in the pursuit of success. What matters is not failure but your reaction to failure; how do you handle failure? It is quite difficult to move on after failing at a venture; it could be your business, a project or an assignment from work. Failure today doesn’t necessarily mean failure tomorrow but inability to rise from today’s failure might forebode failure tomorrow. The following are a few steps that should help you overcome failure;

  • ACCEPT THE TRUTH; the very first step to overcoming failure is admitting the fact that you failed. Don’t live in denial. Being objective enough to see that you’ve failed is a very big step.
  • DON’T DWELL ON IT; try to avoid dwelling on past mistakes; thinking about what could have been.
  • TAKE A BREAK; give yourself a break from it all. Go on a vacation if possible. Give yourself time to ‘reboot’ before you re-launch.
  • LEARN A LESSON; there is a lesson to learn from every mistake. Sit down and review the last project; go over it and discover the things you possible didn’t do right. This is not time to wallow; it’s time to learn from your mistakes.
  • START A NEW PROJECT; don’t allow yourself to be engulfed by the fear of failure to the point that it stops you from doing something new. The past is the past. This new project is the now and the possible future; focus on it.
  • BE OPTIMISTIC; it is easy for someone who has failed to become pessimistic; don’t let yourself become that person. Grow and maintain a positive outlook on things.
  • SMALL VICTORIES COUNT; learn to celebrate small achievements and accomplishments. Remember that it is the small things in life that add up to the big ones.

Bottom-line; don’t let past failures to hold you down. Follow these steps and overcome failure.

Source: Jobs for Naija

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