Photos: Old woman with Dementia found wandering on the streets of Calabar yet to be identified

A Facebook user, Ray Ugba Morphy found the wandering, disoriented old woman who is possibly suffering from dementia, on the streets of Calabar on Friday, February 12. According to Mr Morphy, she doesn’t remember her name or those of her family members.

“She only recalls that she is a native of Ikot Abasi! She probably stepped out of the house and can’t find her way back. Obviously, her people would be looking for her. Please help share her pictures until someone can recognise her and come for her. We need to get her home to her family. Much thanks for sharing and do keep sharing” Morphy said.

“She was too weak to even spoon feed herself. Had to first give her water and then give her a few spoonfuls b4 she gained enough strength to handle the spoon by herself” he added in a later post.

Unfortunately, at the moment nobody has come forward to identify her. She was taken to an old people’s home run by the Catholic Church in Calabar, an update posted by Morphy on Friday disclosed.

“Thanks all for your support in the effort to find the relations of this old lady! We had well over 500 shares which shows that we Nigerians, we truly care for one another. However, nobody has come for her so far to claim her, so I have just checked her into the old people’s home run by the Catholic Church at Target in Calabar”.  

Any of her relations or anyone who wants to help can and find her now easily at that home! However, I wonder why it is only the Catholic Church that runs old people’s homes on Nigeria?” He said.

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