Beef Free February

2016 kicked off with a beef filled January. It seemed as though no one could get along. Kanye was having beef with Wiz Khalifa. 50 cent was having beef with Meek Mill. It was just an all-round beef-athon. But with Valentine’s Day upon us, isn’t it time we put our differences aside?

Who says you can’t be friends with your ex? Why should you and that warring neighbour continue to butt heads?

Isn’t there some way we can all just get along? The answer is yes, why not? And that’s what Pepsi’s #Longthroat4Love is all about. It’s a call, this Valentines, to everyone everywhere to squash any beef they may have. Send that rival football fan a card.

Give your annoying mother-in-law a box of chocolates. Make peace with the barber that ruined your haircut. Just get out there and show some love to the last person you’d ever consider till now.

And if you’re feeling especially loving, let him or her tag along for a night of awesomeness at the Pepsi Valentine Rave Party on the 14th of February at the Eko Hotel and Suites.

It’s going to be a celebrity filled good time with great music and lots of love. So Long throat 4 Love, squash the beef and make this February a feud free month.

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